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A faster way to buy and sell metals

SteelBuy is an easy to use online marketplace that instantly connects buyers and sellers to trade quickly and anonymously, without compromising on quality.

Buy and sell from anywhere, at any time!

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Why register for a SteelBuy account?

Be part of something new:

  1. Buy and sell instantly
  2. Assurance to fulfil urgent orders
  3. Be part of a unique and growing network
  4. Free-up cash and space tied up in stock
  5. Drive growth through a low-cost digital sales channel
  6. Become more efficient and effective

Combining industry expertise with the best technology

“SteelBuy is revolutionising the way materials are traded in the next decade and is the most exciting thing I have seen in 30 years. We have got to be bold.

We’re giving you 24/7 trading, wherever you are, and bringing you buyers and sellers way beyond the numbers you could find on your own. Our technology is superior. It’s a true end-to-end digital solution. Using SteelBuy is a no-brainer and I encourage you to register for an account and join the revolution!”

Terry Sargeant


Terry Sargeant SteelBuy