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SteelBuy is a tech start-up working to revolutionise the way metals are bought and sold.

Bernadette Beck
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Our culture

People are central to the culture at SteelBuy. The steel industry is lagging behind when it comes to technology. SteelBuy is aiming to inject new energy and pace into the way we all buy and sell.

Through a diverse team, new thinking and new attitudes, we believe our approach is different and better for all.

At SteelBuy, we are free to share our ideas, to challenge one another to deliver results, and to champion personal causes.

Our Values

As a tech start-up working in the steel industry, we need to balance traditional views with new thinking. Our values are evolving but as a team we strive to define our culture based on what we believe and want to achieve.


Customer at the heart

Our customer-first approach draws on intuition, experience and humility, so we create positive experiences for all our users to drive growth, brand loyalty and long-term value to our business.

We are

Confidence, courage and the willingness to act innovatively to get things done. We push boundaries when developing our products and strategies and challenge the status quo to create new opportunities for our customers. 

We build connections

We believe in community and building strong relationships within our team, our partners, and all our users. By working together we will achieve more, by connecting our technology with our users in meaningful ways that add value.

We are

Innovation is essential to stay ahead of the curve. We are building our version of an agile to generate ideas, nurture them and create. We hold ourselves accountable for exploring new opportunities to build our future.