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Thank you for taking an interest in SteelBuy, a digital platform designed specifically to make buying and selling metals easier and faster through innovative technology.

Whether you consider yourself a technophobe or a tech-wiz, SteelBuy is extremely easy to use and highly effective at making the job of buying and/or selling less stressful and analogue.

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Reasons to create a SteelBuy account

SteelBuy is an online marketplace created to make buying and selling metals easier, more efficient and to make your team more effective. Create your account and experience the benefits of adding a digital platform to your business.

The benefits you can enjoy with a SteelBuy account

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  • SteelBuy offers financial protection and guarantees timely payment to sellers. By creating an account, customers can enjoy the assurance that their payments will be handled securely and sellers will be paid on time.
  • SteelBuy provides an anonymous online marketplace where users can trade without revealing sensitive information. Creating an account allows customers to benefit from the confidentiality of price-sensitive data, ensuring a secure and discreet trading experience.
  • With automated processes, SteelBuy helps customers save time and improve team efficiency. By creating an account, customers can streamline their trading activities, including automated invoicing, logistics, and paperwork generation, leading to reduced lead times and improved productivity.
  • By creating a SteelBuy account, customers gain access to a rapidly expanding digital marketplace. They can connect with a wider range of buyers and sellers, expanding their business network and accessing a growing pool of potential trading partners. This opens up new opportunities for collaboration, sales, and business growth.