Technology to make the procurement of aluminium fast and efficient.

Easily buy and sell aluminium with SteelBuy


A fast and efficient digital platform for sellers of aluminium


Are you looking to sell aluminium faster, in the most efficient way possible? SteelBuy is a digital platform that provides sellers with a simple and effective way to create listings for a range of aluminium flat materials, including coils, sheets, plates, and tread plates. Create your listings in under 60 seconds, simply click the registration button above to find out more.


Buying aluminium is made easy


Our digital platform also makes buying simple.  As a buyer just enter your search criteria for the material you need. Our unique algorithm instantly matches your search to the relevant products listed for sale. Transactions can be completed in a matter of seconds, and are conducted within an anonymous, online  environment.  A revolution in the way you buy and sell metals.


Smart matching makes your experience fast and effective


Our technology analyses a range of product attributes entered by the seller when they list material. For example, price, weight, origin, age, weight, thickness, and grade. When the buyer adds their search criteria, these details are instantly matched to all relevant product details.  This means you only see relevant products related to your search.  No time wasted scrolling through a catalogue, all you need to do is choose the best option for your needs.


High-quality materials


We want all users to get the most from SteelBuy and three aspects of any deal involved

  • Price
  • Time
  • Quality


Our aim is to maximise the quality of material listed on the platform. To do this, we require sellers to upload test certificates and where applicable, additional images to support their listing.


Coated aluminium


If you’re selling coated aluminium, we ask for additional details such as the thickness, colour, type of coating, and coverage of the protective coating material. If you don’t see your specification in our drop-down menu, you can select the “Other” option. Again the process is guided at every step and only takes a few seconds.


Support for a wide range of grades and tempers


We pride ourselves on providing an excellent user experience. If you do run into any issues, our support is also legendary. We recently had a customer trying to list a rare grade of aluminium that our system didn’t recognise.  With 2 hours, the dev team added the grade, tested it and gave a solution to the customer.  That’s responsive! So why wait? Sign up with SteelBuy today and start selling your aluminium materials with ease!

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