Product update:Stainless Steel and Aluminium now live

Exciting new features

Users of SteelBuy can now access listing and search functions for both stainless steel and aluminium. SteelBuy is designed to simplify the buying and selling process, giving you a quick and efficient way to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

The first release on the platform covers coils, sheets, plates, and tread plate.  As we expand, the range with also grow to cover all stainless and aluminium products, as well as extending our mild steel range.

Still Anonymous

At SteelBuy, we prioritise your privacy. Our platform ensures that all your sensitive information such as pricing, stock positions and other confidential data are kept anonymous. This gives you the assurance of secure transactions, enabling you to sell your slow-moving or excess stock to anyone without affecting your business’s reputation.

Freedom to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time

SteelBuy offers you the freedom to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. You can access our growing digital network of buyers and sellers who are all anonymised, ensuring transparent transactions that are more focused on product quality, availability and price. With SteelBuy, you have the freedom to trade stainless steel and aluminium whenever and wherever you want.

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Fast, efficient, easy to use...

These are just a few reasons to use SteelBuy to buy and sell stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel.

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Materials radar for sellers coming soon

Technology needs innovation to stay ahead. One big idea we are working on it the Materials Radar. 

This is a tool designed to help sellers become more effective using SteelBuy and is a way to share key data and insights.

For example, what products are in high demand, which products are rare, the average time taken to sell and a general guide on selling via an online marketplace.

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