Buy the metals you need, when you need them. No delays, no lengthy negotiation, just an easy online experience. Time to buy smarter.

Procurement in the metals industry is notoriously slow. An over-reliance on analogue systems, such as the telephone and spreadsheets, and working with a mindset of ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. As other industries embrace new technology, the metals industries are lagging behind.

SteelBuy is a new tech-solution open for you to register, join and start to revolutionise your buying processes. It’s easy to use, runs alongside your existing systems and will transform the way you operate. Read on to find out more…

SteelBuy is an online marketplace for buying and selling metals.  Its beauty lies in its simplicity. As a buyer, you focus on the three important factors:

  1. The quality of the material you need
  2. When the material can be delivered
  3. The cost of the material

Simply search for what you want and the platform instantly lists all relevant material, based on your needs. You are free to make an informed and anonymous choice.


Enter the specifications of the product you are looking for on the search listing page and click submit. Easy!

Search Results

Based on your search criteria, the platform presents you with a list of exact matches and a list of alternative products that we believe could also work for your needs.

Our smart matching algorithm uses some matching rules that use material properties to determine similarity, giving you a wider choice. You can see the specifications of each listing and its price. Click on any of the listings to get more details – such as the age of the material, origin and description/anonymised test certificate.

Buy Now

When you find the product you need at the right price, proceed to checkout to buy it. In the checkout page you’ll find a summary of the listing, the delivery and billing addresses, payment section, as well as a weight and price breakdown. By clicking “BUY NOW” an order is placed and you receive an order confirmation email and our customer service team will confirm the delivery details.


If for any reason you can’t find a match for the material you need, alerts can be set up with one click. This way you’ll never miss a buying opportunity and you can act quickly to new listings. You can create an unlimited number of alerts and edit them as your needs change.

SteelBuy is perfect for businesses eager to buy quality steel products, faster and at the best price. Making buying easy, so you can buy the material you need and get it delivered when you need it. 

Digital technology enables you to instantly find what you need, without worrying about delivery lead times, and benefit from all logistics and invoicing being managed within the platform. You save time and money using SteelBuy, register for your account today, click here

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Welcome to the new era of selling steel.

Start using a risk-free marketplace to save time and money.

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Welcome to the new era of selling steel.

Start using a risk-free marketplace and safe time and money.

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