Sell more, sell faster. SteelBuy opens your digital world to new potential buyers looking for the material you are selling.
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Our technology and user-features, offer a unique and convenient way for sellers to list their products. There are no setup or onboarding costs, and in just 60 seconds your material can be listed for a growing (and potentially global) digital audience! 

Anonymous trading gives you the freedom to sell to anyone in the marketplace. If you are carrying excess, slow-moving or redundant stock, you now have a solution and there is no need to worry about reputational risk, data security, or price sensitive data being accessed by competitors.

SteelBuy makes selling faster, easier and more secure. Built-in logistics and all aspects of the invoicing process are automated saving you time.

Furthermore, it’s all free! Absolutely free.

This means you can now have a full-service digital sales channel to run in parallel with your existing sales team, and it won’t cost you a penny. 

You will benefit from several other features to make your business run smoother and more efficiently. For example:

  • Reduce turn-around times and improve cash flow by selling your products faster
  • Free-up space in the warehouse
  • Focus your sales team on higher value-adding products, while SteelBuy handles commodities
The SteelBuy Promise

We provide secure payment options to ensure buyers and sellers are protected, our promise is we underwrite all financial risk and will pay you (the seller) within the agreed terms. It is our responsibility (and risk) to seek payment from the buyer.

Six steps of the seller journey

1 Create a listing

To start selling on SteelBuy, navigate to the ‘Create a listing’ tab on the side bar menu. Complete the specific product details you wish to sell, for example, grade, coating, thickness and how long you want to list the product – from 4 hours to 7 days. You can also upload Test Certificates and any other images to support your listing to help sell it. Click ‘Submit for Approval’.

2 Approval

All listings are checked by our customer service team and you will receive an email notification that the listing is approved. If there is an issue, this is usually an empty field or incorrect address, and is easy to amend and resubmit. The entire process is usually done in minutes.


3 Manage listings

Once you have created your listing(s) you have the ability to edit certain elements. The length of time you want the listing visible to buyers can be extended or reduced, and additional product information can be added. The one element you can’t edit is the price per tonne. This is fixed until the listing period expires.

4 Prep for delivery

When your material has been purchased, all the details are confirmed through the platform and email. The paperwork is generated for you – delivery note, collection credentials and the only task you need to complete is load the material on the lorry when it arrives for collection.

5 Invoice

As the material is delivered to the buyer and confirms receipt of goods, you issue an invoice to SteelBuy. Again, this is all managed via the platform.


6 Payment

Under the SteelBuy Promise, we will pay you to the agreed terms and remove the risk of bad debt. Further enhancing the benefit of SteelBuy.

We believe our digital platform is a great way to take the hassle out of selling and ensure you get the most out of your business. With its broad range of features and services, it’s no wonder it’s becoming one of the fastest growing digital platforms in the UK. Give SteelBuy a try, register for an account here.

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Welcome to the new era of selling steel.

Start using a risk-free marketplace to save time and money.

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Welcome to the new era of selling steel.

Start using a risk-free marketplace and safe time and money.

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