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About Steelbuy

SteelBuy is a digital platform for businesses to buy and sell metals easily and quickly online. An online marketplace that instantly connects buyers and sellers to trade quickly and anonymously, without compromising on quality. So you can buy and sell from anywhere, at any time!

The first step is to register for an account – click here. All new users are vetted prior to being approved and once set up, are free to list products for sale, and to search the database to buy products. The decision process is made easy and based on need, quality and price.

We launched with service centres listing mild steel coil. This has been extended to sheet and plate, and we now have functionality to handle stainless steel and aluminium products. Over the next few weeks the product range will be extended further to cover long sections, tubes and pipes. The platform is growing rapidly and now is the time to register and be part of the future.

The SteelBuy office is in Solihull, near Birmingham in the United Kingdom. You can contact us here.

We add our margin to the listed price the buyer sees. This makes the process transparent, simple and over the longer term, more effective for all.

What does this mean for you as a seller? You’ll be able to sell your products faster, freeing up precious warehouse space, and moving excess inventory, which in turn improves your cash flow.

For buyers, the benefits are equally compelling. No more wasting valuable time on negotiation or waiting for long lead times. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need based on quality, availability, and price. This means you can benefit from a buy-now process.

Anonymity brings greater protection and security for all users. In addition, it allows businesses to trade with anyone based solely on product quality, availability and price.  Sellers can now trade with buyers outside their traditional customer base and buyers benefit from access to a growing digital network.

We make buying easy with automated invoicing and logistics, all anonymised. Time to join the revolution – register here today

Logistics and freight

SteelBuy is a full service end-to-end solution. This means almost every aspect of the transaction is completed through the platform, including all administration, invoicing and logistics. So you save time and require little human intervention.

SteelBuy uses a trusted third party logistics partner to manage all collections and deliveries. The only inputs required from you are:

a.) Sellers list their products on the platform and load up the vehicle for collection

b.) Buyers search for the products they need and buy it, then need to unload the product at delivery

Everything else is managed by SteelBuy.

SteelBuy has adopted a flat-rate price per tonne for transports costs. These are clearly explained when your account is approved. Click here to register.

The current schedule is for material to be delivered within 3-5 days from ordering.
As the platform grows and the system develops our ambition is to reduce this further.


All users are set-up with a credit limit when they successfully register for an account. Buyers pay SteelBuy and SteelBuy pay the sellers. SteelBuy assumes the risk for late payment and guarantees sellers will be paid. Our standard terms are explained during the registration process.

Claims Policy

To list prime material requires the seller to upload a test certificate. The software anonymises you as the seller but maintains visibility of producer/mill. The buyer can view this when searching and/or buying material.

In addition to test certificates, sellers are encouraged to upload photographs and to be as detailed as possible when describing the product. This helps facilitate a faster sale.

For additional information, please contact us.

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