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Why you need to go digital with SteelBuy

Anonymous trading

With anonymity comes greater protection. All prices, stock positions and sensitive data will always be confidential. Your competitors are unable to identify you or any other user via the platform. This means you can sell your slow moving or excess stock to anyone wishing to buy it, without impacting the reputation of your business.

Save time and money

No need for RFQs, or numerous emails, and multiple phone calls trying to get a response from your contacts. SteelBuy instantly connects buyer searches to all available material listed from sellers.

Freedom to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time

SteelBuy connects you to a growing digital network of buyers and sellers, all anonymised to make transactions transparent and more focused on what matters – product quality, availability and price. Embrace the freedom to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. A quick and effective way to trade.

Materials radar for sellers coming soon

To help sellers become more effective selling through SteelBuy, we are developing a system we call the ‘Materials Radar’. This will help sellers by sharing collective insights from the data the system collects. For example, what products are highly desirable, which products are rare, the average time taken to sell and a guide of pricing. While we can’t share prices, we can suggest if your price is too low, about right or higher than average.

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