Revolutionise how you buy and sell mild steel

Risk-free trading for mild steel

All SteelBuy users are vetted during the registration process. This ensures we build a digital network of credible and trustworthy buyers and sellers, and in return our technology opens up a world of online trading. Not only to buy and sell easily and quickly, but all risk-free.

SteelBuy removes the hassle from the process and even guarantees payments.
Your data and sensitive information is secure; pricing, stock positions and other confidential data will remain anonymous, allowing you to focus on selling your products, without affecting the reputation of your business.

Why is SteelBuy anonymous?

We wanted to create a digital platform that is safe, secure, risk-free and allows users to focus on the transaction. Anonymity delivers protection for both buyers and sellers. It enables transactions based on the three tenets of every deal:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Lead time


SteelBuy brings freedom to trade steel with anyone, at any time, from anywhere. GO DIGITAL sign-up here!

Unlimited supplier base

Using an online marketplace will connect you to a growing digital network of buyers and sellers. This means you will extend your reach beyond your current customer base. It’s important to remember SteelBuy can be set up alongside your traditional channel.  There is growing evidence into the benefits of adopting a multi-channel or omni-channel strategy, you can read it here.

SteelBuy is transparent and focused on getting the deal completed quickly and efficiently.

Relationships will always be important, especially for the biggest customers.  What a digital sales channel provides is greater scale and a means to transform performance. 

The decision is clear, adopt a multi-channel strategy, and start outperforming your competitors!

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Smart Match - buy and sell the smart way

Our smart technology does the hard work. so you don’t have to. SteelBuy has a unique feature we have called Smart Matching. Created to make the process fast, effective and so easy to use, anyone can do it. Register and see for yourself.

How Smart Matching works

  1. From the search tab enter the product specifications for the material you need: dimensions, grade and finish, then click submit.
  2. After submitting, you are presented two lists, one of  exact matches, the other lists alternate suggestions. 
  3. Our smart algorithm interprets your search criteria and offers these options.
  4. Check the details, read the description and view the Test Certificates online.

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Smart Matching
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