German Design Award


In February, Florian Köppe and Maximilian Milkereit, from our agency partner, Chroma Experience GmbH, had the honour of accepting the German Design Award in the category “Excellent Communications Design”. It’s a proud moment for all our colleagues to receive recognition for all our hard work in creating SteelBuy.

An online marketplace designed to make the process of buying and selling metals easy, fast and hassle-free. Technology makes finding the material buyers need very simple, through intelligent suggestions, what we call ‘Smart Matching’.

Sellers can offer material to a wide network of digital buyers, and benefit from valuable market insights.

In addition, the platform handles all aspects of trading, from sales, purchasing and delivery. Cumbersome processes are replaced by an efficient, easy-to-use interface. It is the new way to trade metals, with the potential to revolutionise the entire industry. Join the revolution today!

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Sell more, sell faster. SteelBuy opens your digital world to new potential buyers looking for the material

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