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PODCAST: Terry Sargeant, CEO of SteelBuy talk passionately about SteelBuy with Pete and Mike The Metal Guys. Terry talks openly about how online marketplaces can revolutionise the way you buy and sell metals.
Terry Sargeant podcast
"The way SteelBuy allows you to sell commodities easily, automates the logistics and invoicing, and guarantees payment, makes joining the platform a no brainer."
Mike Bolton
Co-Founder Comton Group


As SteelBuy prepared to launch in November 2022, our CEO Terry Sargeant was interviewed by Pete Comerford and Mike Bolton from The Comton Group, and the creators of the amazing Metal Guys Talk Business podcast – Listen here

Terry talks passionately about the steel industry and explains why online marketplaces will become so important over the next 5 years. Learn more about how SteelBuy operates, and the multiple benefits digital solutions can bring your business.

As an easy-to-use digital platform, technology instantly connects buyers and sellers to trade quickly and anonymously, and all without compromising on quality. This means you can buy and sell from anywhere, at any time, 24/7.

“We estimate between 15-20% of stock held in the UK is slow-moving, redundant or excess stock. This is costing businesses, and now there is a new innovative digital solution - SteelBuy.”
Terry Sargeant
CEO SteelBuy

In the podcast, Terry talks to Pete and Mike about:

  • Why now – the reasons for starting a tech start-up in this sector
  • Initial funding and the feasibility study 
  • Compliance, anti-corruption and anti-trust
  • How thyssenkrupp is an investor but SteelBuy operates independently
  • Investment to develop the UK market
  • Why anonymity is important
  • How the site works and how easy to use it really is
  • Payments, terms and conditions and credit
  • Who can sell on the platform, and vetting suppliers
  • Human vs Digital interactions
  • Growth Strategy and a multinational, gender-diverse team
  • How SteelBuy really is a win-win for sellers and buyers

Any questions contact our sales team at sales@steel-buy.com or register to create your own SteelBuy account and be part of the future now: click here

Terry's podcast soundbites

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