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Our latest new feature adds stainless steel to the digital platform

We are excited to announce that SteelBuy, the leading online marketplace for trading mild steel, has extended the product range to include stainless steel. When we launched our digital platform, we only covered flat mild steel coil. Today we allow sellers to list a broader range of products across non-commodity and commodity items for mild steel, aluminium and now stainless steel. With more to come!

Our digital platform makes buying and selling easier, instantly connecting sellers with potential buyers searching for specific stainless steel products.

Commodity and non-commodity products

Let our technology reduce (even remove) the effort from the process, so you can get back time to focus on your business priorities. 

The algorithm analyses a range of proprietary fields, such as:

  1. Product specifications
  2. Dimensions
  3. Attributes
  4. Quality


The system looks at grades, types of coatings, thickness, coverage and colour, taking away the hassle from you and your team, so you can trade faster and more effectively!

The system reacts instantly to user commands. Whether listing stainless steel as a seller, or searching for material to buy, you get exactly what you need, at the flick of a switch!

Anonymity brings peace of mind

All trades on SteelBuy are anonymous, buyers and sellers do not know who the other party is. This means you can trade aluminium without fear and safe in the knowledge all sensitive data is secure and cannot be accessed by your competitors. All your pricing, stock positions and other confidential information is confidential.

For sellers this allows you to sell slow-moving, redundant or excess stock to anyone without affecting the reputation of your business. As a buyer, anonymity means you can buy from any seller, based anywhere and make faster purchase decisions based only on price, quality and deliver lead-times.

SteelBuy is revolutionising the way the industry buys and sells stainless steel. Apply to create your account today – CLICK HERE.

Freedom to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time

SteelBuy connects you to a growing digital network of buyers and sellers, all anonymised to make transactions transparent and more focused on what matters – product quality, availability and price. Embrace the freedom to trade with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. A quick and effective way to trade.

Our system matches the product details of the seller, to the search criteria of the buyer. A clever algorithm does all the hard work, and the buyer is presented with a list of exact (and alternative) product matches. All in a few clicks!

Take your stainless strategy to the next level and create your SteelBuy account.

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