Remove the complexity of buying and selling stainless steel through an online marketplace

SteelBuy: The Online Marketplace for Stainless Steel

Remove the complexity of buying and selling stainless steel, create your own SteelBuy account today. Going digital will save you time and effort across your business, and you can run SteelBuy in parallel with your existing sales team.

How SteelBuy Works 

As an online marketplace designed to simplify the entire process of trading stainless steel, SteelBuy brings benefits for businesses of all sizes, from mills to end-users. Once you have registered and set up your account, as a seller you can access a growing digital network or potential buyers, keen to procure material. As a buyer, you can search and find the exact material you need and get it delivered when you need it.

Our new product range for stainless steel covers sheet, plate, bar, and coil. We anticipate rapid growth across the next 2-3 months as more users join the marketplace, bringing with them more products to be listed and more demand.

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Welcome to the new digital era for buying and selling stainless steel.

Simple and Intuitive

Using SteelBuy is simple and intuitive. Sellers can create a listing in under 60 seconds, providing all the essential and relevant data covering product specifications, weight, price, delivery times and test certificates.

For buyers, the process is equally straightforward. Simply navigate to the search tab and follow the step-by-step instructions to search for the material you need. The platform, through our unique Smart Matching, instantly presents a list of exact product matches. All you have to do is choose the best stainless steel for your needs!

Logistics and Invoicing Made Easy

The technology goes further and supports the logistics and invoicing. The paperwork is generated automatically within the platform, saving you more time. All the seller needs to do is load the collection vehicle, and all the buyer needs to do is unload it!

Fast, Transparent and Anonymous Solution

SteelBuy provides a fast, transparent and anonymous solution – one that is unique and that we believe will revolutionise the way we buy and sell stainless steel.

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Welcome to the new era of selling steel.

Start using a risk-free marketplace and safe time and money.

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