An easy to use, digital platform...

New innovative technology built to revolutionise the way you buy and sell metals, and make your business more effective for the future.

End-to-end full service solution

As a free digital sales channel, SteelBuy supports your sales team, allowing them more time to focus on higher value-adding products. All logistics and invoicing are integrated into the platform, thereby automating tasks that can cause delays. All compliance paperwork is generated automatically and anonymised within the platform. The only action you need to take is to upload Test Certificates and load/unload material. It is really that simple!

Control is at your fingertips

Deals can be set up in seconds (not hours)! As a seller, you control how long your products are listed for, from 4 hours to 7 days. Automated emails keep you connected and up-to-date, and you don’t have to spend time negotiating with the buyer. SteelBuy puts the focus firmly on product quality, availability and price, so deals can be done quicker.

All your data is secure and protected

All paperwork complies with industry and financial regulations and is generated automatically within the platform. All users are vetted at registration before being approved to access the platform. All your data is secure, we conduct regular independent PEN tests, security tests and are working towards ISO27001 accreditation.

Open 24/7 - any time, anywhere

As an online marketplace, SteelBuy is always open for business. Users can buy and sell at any time, without the traditional restrictions of the working day.

Protected by the SteelBuy promise

SteelBuy guarantees sellers are paid and we assume the responsibility of collecting payment from the buyer. Through the registration process, all users are set up with credit limits and insurance is in place.

Stop inefficent processes

Start using a risk-free marketplace to save time and money.


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