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Revolutionise the way you buy and sell metals with SteelBuy, the online marketplace for the metals industry.

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Boost your sales team’s productivity via a free digital sales channel! Our platform makes the process of buying and selling steel, stainless steel and aluminium easy and fast. So your business is more efficient, freeing up valuable time to focus on selling higher value-adding products.

It’s goodbye to hassle and hello to a streamlined, efficient sales process with SteelBuy. Join us now and experience the benefits for yourself!

Control is at your fingertips

Tired of wasting hours setting up deals?

With SteelBuy, you can set up deals in minutes, not hours! Gone are the days of endless negotiation with buyers. With SteelBuy, you focus is on what matters:

  • Product quality
  • Availability
  • Price

Join SteelBuy today and experience the power of a streamlined, efficient sales process. Don’t wait – start trading smarter, not harder!

Your data is safe and secure

The platform auto-generates all paperwork for logistics and invoicing, it also complies with industry regulations. All users are vetted at registration, before being approved access the platform, so you know your data is safe and secure. As part of our on-going quality assurance, we conduct regular independent PEN tests, security tests and are working towards ISO27001 certification.

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Protected by the SteelBuy promise

We guarantee sellers are paid and collect payment from the buyer. Removing risk from your business.

Open 24/7 - any time, anywhere

Another benefit of going digital with an online marketplace, is that SteelBuy is always open for business. Users can buy and sell at any time, without the traditional restrictions of the working day. If you need to list or search for material urgently late at night, or away from the office, you can access the platform from anywhere, at any time!  Just like the famous Italian vermouth!

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