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The metals industry has long been characterised by slow processes and analogue systems, now is the time to embrace the power of technology.

SteelBuy is a solution ready to transform your buying processes and make business easier.

Simplicity & efficiency

An online marketplace designed exclusively for buying and selling metals, SteelBuy is  remarkably simple to use, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, procurement team and offering a streamlined experience that will revolutionise the way you operate. Say goodbye to complex procedures and hello to improved efficiency.

Focused buying experience

As a buyer, SteelBuy empowers you to focus on what truly matters:

  • Product quality
  • Delivery times
  • Cost of the material


With our user-friendly search function, finding the exact product you require is a breeze. Just enter the specifications and let the platform work its magic.

Smart matching

SteelBuy’s intelligent algorithm ensures you never miss out on suitable alternatives. Alongside the list of exact matches, our platform provides a range of alternative products that may also meet your requirements. With comprehensive details and anonymized test certificates, you can make an informed and anonymous choice.

Seamless checkout

Once you’ve found the perfect product at the right price, our seamless checkout process takes the hassle out of purchasing. View a comprehensive summary of your listing, manage delivery and billing addresses, and review a detailed weight and price breakdown. A simple click on “BUY NOW” places your order, followed by a confirmation email and personalised support from our dedicated customer service team.

One-click alerts so you never miss an opportunity

In the rare event that you can’t find an immediate match for your material needs, SteelBuy’s convenient alert system has you covered. Set up customised alerts with just one click, ensuring you’re notified of new listings that align with your requirements. Stay ahead of the game and seize every buying opportunity.

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Embrace technology and learn how you can revolutionise the way you buy material.

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If you are looking to purchase high-quality steel and aluminium products quickly, at the best prices, join SteelBuy.