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With SteelBuy, there are no setup costs. Once fully on-boarded (this takes about 2 hours) you can start listing your material for sale.

Through the platform, you will be exposed to a rapidly growing digital audience, expanding your reach to a new source of revenue.

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Say goodbye to a single sales channel and hello to boundless opportunities with a multi-channel approach.

SteelBuy empowers you to sell your products to anyone in the marketplace, all while ensuring your anonymity.

Worried about reputational risk, data security, or competitors accessing sensitive pricing information? Rest easy, SteelBuy protects you and your data.

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Enter a new era of selling metals, download the SteelBuy brochure and learn how you can easily turn on a digital sales channel.

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By selling through SteelBuy, you can reduce turn-around times and improve cash flow. Say goodbye to excess or slow-moving stock that occupies valuable warehouse space. Let SteelBuy handle the commodities while you empower your sales team to focus on higher value-adding products. It’s a win-win situation for your business.

The SteelBuy promise

Your peace of mind matters to us. SteelBuy provides secure payment options, ensuring both buyers and sellers are protected. We take the financial risk off your shoulders and underwrite all transactions, guaranteeing payment within the agreed terms. Let us handle the collection process, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Selling successfully on SteelBuy


Create a Listing: Fill in the specific details of your product, upload supporting documents such as Test Certificates, and submit for approval. Our customer service team ensures a swift process.


Approval: Once approved, you’ll receive a notification. Any minor issues can be easily amended and resubmitted. In just minutes, your listing will be live and ready to attract buyers.


Manage Listings: You have control over your listings, with the ability to edit certain elements and extend or reduce the visibility period. The fixed price per tonne ensures transparency and fairness.


Prep for Delivery: When your material is purchased, the platform generates all necessary paperwork. Your only task is to load the material onto the lorry when it arrives for collection.


Invoicing: As the material is delivered and confirmed by the buyer, you issue an invoice to SteelBuy. It’s a straightforward process managed seamlessly through our platform.


Payment: With the SteelBuy Promise, we guarantee payment to the agreed terms, eliminating the risk of bad debt. Experience peace of mind and enjoy the benefits of selling with SteelBuy.

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SteelBuy’s digital platform is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for hassle-free selling in the metals industry. Don’t miss out on the countless benefits and services we offer. Take your business to new heights by registering for a SteelBuy account today. 

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